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You Got This- An Invitation

Lately, I have been more intentional about moving my body physically while being stuck indoors. I started a brand new fitness program that requires very little equipment (mostly weights and resistance bands) and it is definitely something out of my comfort zone, as it is a lot of boxing style workout with footwork.

I am not the most physically coordinated individual. I mean, I dance and that is fun, but I will definitely not be recruited to appear in any dance videos any time soon. Ha! If you have followed me for a long time, you might remember my Cize dance video/routines I would post in Instagram and Facebook. Those were the days!

That being said, I don't think that you have to be the most coordinated or even the most in shape in order to do some sort of movement or workout. You don't have to lose weight or fat before you begin lifting weights (who the heck decided that? Like seriously? ) Just do. I promise, you will feel sore, but you will feel better.

During this weird season we find ourselves in, I know that my choice to move my body and workout is less about looking a certain way and more about my overall physical, emotional, and mental health. This morning, I did my fitness program outside. It. Was. Glorious.

It was hot, to be sure. I'm going to need to invest in a few hats in order to protect my face and wear a ton of sunscreen. But it felt so good to let the sun hit my body (Vitamin D!) as I sweated out the stress, anxiety, and emotions that were proving to be toxic and harming my mental and emotional well being. I am worth that.

You can't put a price on your health. To me, it is worth every penny I have ever spent.

So I want to encourage each of you to move your body. I also want to invite you to join me. Join me in my next online virtual community. I want to invite you to invest in your health during this time. Yes, I am inviting you to invest in a fitness program, a nutrition program, or even some supplements or all of them (if you need it)...and take care of you.

You don't have to have a specific weight loss goal. You don't have to try and look like anyone or be anyone else. What I am asking of you is to commit to you. Put off any ideas in your head that make you think you already know it all and know what to do....because if you would already be doing it. I say that in complete love, not judgment and without harshness. Put off the idea that you can do this all by yourself without community, friendship, encouragement. You might really be able to, yes...but do you really want to?

I am one who likes to go it alone. But I am also currently battling loneliness as I am now a single mama and doing life in quarantine without someone by her side (with exception to having my children here, but that is not the same! LOL!) So really, I need people and my girlfriends to rally around with me during this time. It is why I have chosen to spend a great deal of time texting, using Zoom, and creating groups and videos in order to engage. I am an introvert who is desiring community and friendship and conversation.

So I want to invite you to do this with me.

My next group begins officially May 4th. You will need to be an active and paid member of Beachbody on Demand (if not, you can sign up here and get 14 days free). Choose your fitness program (either one already in the que or select one of our brand new programs for an additional cost). If you are brand new to Beachbody on Demand or any of our virtual groups, I highly recommend investing in a challenge or completion pack, which will include your fitness program of choice and your choice flavor of Shakeology (your daily dose of dense nutrition) and/or your choice flavors in Beachbody Performance Recover and Energize. (I love the Orange Recover and Lemon Energize).

You must also not be already working with a coach. Meaning, if you have a coach or you are one, either connect with your coach to see what groups they have coming up, or request a switch if you would like for me to be your coach. Or if you are a coach...create a group for your people! They need your voice and your encouragement during this time. Get loud and start inviting them to make their life a priority.

Please note that due to the Safe at Home orders, shipping is taking a little longer than normal. My last order took approximately one whole week to arrive. Your fitness program will be available for immediate access via Beachbody on Demand, but your supplements and any accessories will ship as soon as possible.

Again, you don't need any specific weight loss goals, but you do need to make this one goal: To commit to YOURSELF and decide that you are worth the 30-60 minutes a day for your own physical, emotional, mental well being. It is not selfish. It is necessary. My children need me more than ever. I don't want to be laid low and sick due to the fear, anxiety and loneliness weighing my heart and mind down. I want to be able to push through and care for them. That means taking care of myself.

You got this.

Excited to do this with you. If you need extra convincing, watch this:

In Him,

Tiffany Rhea

FTC disclaimer: Please note that I am a Beachbody Coach, and any links provided in this post, should any purchased be made through those links, I will receive a commission from your purchase. I was not paid in order to post this review, and all products and services mentioned in this post, I have used and purchased with my own money. Thank you in advance for your support.

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