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Will You Be a Part of My Squad?

I am doing an incredible thing and I need my tribe.

Actually, we are going to call them my squad. Because this squad will be active and an important part of my (and your!!!) success.

I have committed to doing 100 workouts.

Say. What. Now?

Yes. I have committed to completing 100 workouts. I started yesterday, and I completed workout 2 today. 98 more to go!

The program I am doing is called Morning Meltdown 100. It is actually based on completing 100 workouts (not completing 100 days…..yes, there is a difference). You can choose the schedule you want for your workouts, just so long as you complete 100 of them. You can choose to do just 4-5 days a week, and choose your rest days as they fit with your lifestyle and current schedule. If you want to try out a sample, let me know and I will get you the link.

The workouts are 20-30 minutes in length, which is so doable, even for the busiest person. (Any super busy people out there? Wait...all of you? Then you can do this.) There is a live DJ, an easy to follow nutrition guide because we all know I love to eat! 100 different workouts, so you won’t get bored. There are two different modifiers so if you aren’t sure you can hang with the intensity, you get to do you and break a sweat at the same time….and still get results.

Yaaas, girl.

Here is where I need my squad.

A commitment like this is a big deal. It takes discipline and a willingness to sacrifice some of the comforts you may be used to. Or *gulp* give up some bad habits. Sister friend, you know that is not easy!

I need my squad to chime in. To check in on me. To keep me accountable. To ask me if I worked out. Heck, my squad will even jump in and do this with me……..because they want me to succeed…..and they want to succeed.

We are better together.

So, the question is, will you?

Will you be a part of my tribe/Squad/sisterhood?

Will you even go a step further and do this with me?

Are you freaking out? Don’t! It really is quite simple. We will workout virtually together and root each other on as we sweat and grow our muscles. If you choose to, you can grab some of my favorite mama go-go juice that is LITERALLY my favorite thing on the planet. I even drink it when I need to clean my house. *Probably not supposed to do that but who cares!! YOLO!*

If you need a visual of what I am doing...look no further:

Yes. It is going to be awesome. And I can think of no better way to get through 100 workouts than with a squad of amazing hard working, powerful, women rooting me and everyone else on.

Are You ready for it?

Join me. Shoot me a comment below with "100", and we will chat!

Or you can dive right in right now by going here.

Sweat with you soon,


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