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WILD: 2023 Word of the Year

A wild woman. That is my goal for the new year. I want next year to be a ride, one where I say in the middle of December:

"Holy moly, that was wild."

Most often, when a woman is described as wild, there is a negative stigma attached to her. Perhaps this woman is a little too loose. Too loud. Too messy. She is viewed as chaotic, unpredictable, crazy, not safe. Not good. Not worthy of being loved.

Perhaps she appears to be someone who pushes back against the status quo and dares to do her own thing. Maybe she argues a bit too much. Perhaps she isn't submissive enough or does not exhibit the "quiet and humble woman" so many pastors love to boast about on the pulpits. I am grateful that the narrative is changing a bit and most pastors are starting to see the worth of all women within their congregations.

But I don't want to veer off topic. I have plenty to say about women and how they are viewed in the church at another time.

Back to my point-if most of the time a woman who is viewed as wild is viewed negatively, then why on earth would I want to aspire to be one?

Why would I want to be a wild woman?

Because I don't see her as bad. I think people like to label other women because it makes them feel better about themselves and more comfortable to stay where they are instead of doing what they really want to do. They would rather sit in their idea of comfortable and safety, instead of actually taking a risk and doing something more meaningful with their lives.

How I see a wild woman?

She is a woman intentionally living. Deeply. Devoted. Determined. She is brave. She is truthful. She is loyal. She dreams big. She protects. She fights. She works hard. She is a single woman. She is a wife. She is a mom. Working outside the home or staying at home, it doesn't matter.

She loves Jesus. She loves her people. She loves to serve. She is generous. She goes above and beyond what others expect of her. She pushes back against the injustice and believes in what is right. She speaks up.

She may be an entrepreneur. She may be college educated. A CEO. Maybe she is none of those things, but her family still rises and calls her blessed among women. She has an idea of what she hopes for in her future, as well as the future of those she loves. She works hard. She doesn't allow others to keep her in their cages because they want to feel safe. Labels don't work for her.

She takes full responsibility to be fully herself. She has a dream. A hope. A prayer. She fights on her knees and she uses her voice, hands, gifts and talents, the ones bestowed to her by her very Creator, to love God, love His people, and serve. To do work that matters. She celebrates others and loves those who are different than her, even if they disagree with her positions. She sits in a place of encouragement and influence for good. She is not conceited nor does she fake humility and make herself small so others will feel comfortable.

She glows and she appears different because she IS different. You are different. You are created for so much more than what you could possibly imagine. This one life we have is so beautiful, even with all of its ups and downs.

My reason for wanting 2023 to be WILD is because I have noticed that I have allowed myself to be caged. For a woman who does not enjoy being told what to do and loves to jump in to new and exciting things just to see if it works, I haven't really done that. That part of me has been on pause and I want her to come out a little bit more. I want her to create something magical. I want her to shock herself. Who cares about the others. There are plenty of negative Nancy's out there. I am not interested in impressing them or changing their minds about anything I do.

I have been blessed with much the last couple of years, and I am audacious enough to say that I want more. I want to give back more as well. I am excited for what the new year will hold. I am eager to see what the upcoming months will bring forth as I live Wild.

Cheers to 2023. Cheers to being a WILD woman.

Love ya,

Tiffany Rhea

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