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What Fear Can Do

Most people will want to downplay fear in their life. They don't want to admit that their fears can actually be an issue. That the fears they are experiencing or the lies they are believing in their heart and mind...well...if you just ignore will just go away.

However, if you are paying any sort of attention to the pandemic we are experiencing right now in this country, we have been taken prisoner by the fear of something we cannot physically see. We may see the effects of this virus. We may know someone who has been sick or diagnosed with the virus. We may even know someone who has succumbed to the virus. But, it is still invisible.

When people are afraid, they can be controlled or manipulated. I have seen first hand how quickly and easily it was to have a mass amount of people forced into their homes (for their well-being). Schools are closed. Church services are closed. Businesses labeled as essential were allowed to remain open. Businesses that were categorized as non-essential we told to shut down for awhile, with no real end date given. Governing officials made the decisions for us, without much input from its people. Only the "experts."

I am not going to write on here in order to create a political debate about what I believe is really happening and/or whether or not I agree with the government or what is happening behind the scenes. I have my opinions. I have my beliefs. I am doing my own research and am coming up with my own conclusions. So there is no need for anyone to @ me in order to "educate" me. I love you deeply, but this is not your platform to do it. I pay for this space. You don't. You can certainly educate on your own platform, as that is your right.

What I will draw attention to is the fact that fear is very real. It can cause us to freeze in full panic, not entirely sure of the right next step to take. Fear draws attention and focus to all of the unknown factors. Instead of seeking peace in the face of fear, we look at all of the data that has been drawn up due to an equation of hypotheticals and guesses. And we cling to it as fact instead of recognizing it for what it is: A guess that, yes, is very scary.

This doesn't mean that because we can ignore our fears. This virus is very scary. Illness is scary in general. Ask anyone who has ever heard the words "Cancer" when being given a diagnosis from their doctor. The fear and uncertainty and wave of panic and anxiety that follows is unreal. There is so much that you just. don't. know.

It is okay to recognize it.

It is not okay to allow it to control you and bully you around. Fear is one big bully. We can stand up to it because we have not been given a Holy Spirit that cowers in the face of fear. We can walk confidently through it because we have our God! He is bigger than all of this. He is bigger than our fears over our financial livelihoods. He is bigger than this nasty disease that is infecting and even killing people. He is bigger than this crisis in our nations and the political division we see today.

We can be confident even though we don't know what tomorrow holds because we know the One who holds our tomorrows. Is that easier said than done? Of course! That is what it means to walk by faith and not by sight.

I shared a video on my IGTV the other day regarding this concept. Really recognize just how awful and controlling and of a bully fear can be in our lives. Recognize, then rise, sister friend.

Praying for you.

In Him,

Tiffany Rhea

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