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Walking Forward

I love this photo. It seems a bit symbolic to me.

The ocean has always been my happy space. Over these last several months, I have been abundantly happy. Joy filled. Not without the normal stresses of life, of course. But my disposition over all has been lifted and encouraged.

I have been walking toward brand new for awhile now and it has been so exciting to experience.

What I have been desiring most for myself and for the kids has been freedom. Freedom especially for me.

To be able to tell people that I provide for my children. I do it. Not anyone else. Call me whatever You want, but I will reiterate to anyone who thinks otherwise this stance that I am taking right now.

I can do this. I got this. I don’t need a man, a relationship, a marriage to define me or my purpose. That doesn’t mean I don’t want a man. Haha! I like men. I really do! I really, really like one right now.

But I am not needing him in order to fulfill my purpose or my goals. Side note, my friend is pretty successful on his own terms. If you only knew what he had been through and what God has done in his life, you would be in awe. 100% one of the greatest human beings I have ever met. Not perfect, but my favorite human right now!

When this photo was sent to me, I fell In love with it because it my back walking toward what I wanted. In that moment, it was for a closer look at the water and to feel it on my skin.

For the present, walking toward new relationships, fresh beginnings, walking toward new life and a new home.

For the future? Whatever the heck I want it to be. I got a few ideas up my sleeve.

Basically, I am living with the mindset of “Don’t doubt. Watch me.“

“Either be on my team or step to the side so those who want to be here can be.”

What are you walking toward right now in your own life?

Is it freedom?

Is it love?

Is it hope?

Is it all these things and more?

All I want to tell you is to keep walking toward what it is you are walking toward. You got this! It is worth the effort and the time. And those who want to be there and support you and root you on will be there!

Let’s go!

Tiffany Rhea

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