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Time to Tell a New Story

If you are not liking the story that is currently unfolding, guess what?

You can begin to tell a new one.

That doesn't exactly begin without some inner reflection and some work. Telling our stories, even brand new ones, requires effort, patience, some failures, highs and lows. Real stories ebb and flow and have conflict and pauses and resolutions.

Not everyone's story means they end up on a boat somewhere in Newport Beach, CA sipping on mimosas. (Side note: That was me exactly last week and I won't lie to you. I wish that was a regular thing. Ha! Such is life.)

For those who are trying to craft new stories because of traumatic change recently, let me offer you a small bit of advice:

Telling your story doesn't mean you need to change who you are in order to show that you are okay and you are better. You are not a Disney child star trying to convince producers to cast you in more adult roles. *No offense to Disney child stars*

You may, however, have to change some things about your life. Change harmful behaviors. Maybe you have to remove old programming and learn new things. That is part of sharing your human self with others. We are not one dimensional beings. I find it pretty incredible how God created each woman. She has her own gifts and abilities and passions and ideas.

I believe that we can shed off the old lies we used to tell ourselves, and we can forgive those who have hurt us, and yes, even forgive ourselves.

So, what story are you going to start telling? Do you love the one you are telling now? Amazing. Keep sharing. Keep growing.

If you don't like this one, raise your head sister. Time to tell a new one.


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