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The Most Beautiful Moments

Some of my most favorite moments of my favorite people are captured and posted for all to see.

We like to do that as a society.

Especially in this day and age of social media, where everyone has instant access to practically everything.

We take selfies when we are working out, going for a walk, checking out new places, girls night, guys night, vacation.

When we want to celebrate, and when we want a little attention, we share. We grab our phones. We “capture” the moments on our screens and display them for people to see. Whether our profiles are public or private, it is no matter.

We share because we want to invite and include others in. We like others to see the good that is happening in our lives.

But if I can be real honest, my favorite memories are unable to be shared. They were not captured on film or on my handy smartphone.

All I have is this precious memory bank of emotions, moments and words.

You can’t capture on camera a moment under the black sky with nothing but stars and the sound of the waves crashing and two souls connecting.

You can’t always capture on social media the jokes and conversations being had between a mother and her kids. You can’t always share with the public the intimate and special stories and dreams that you and your precious children come up with together.

You can’t always memorialize the first date. The first kiss. That exact moment when your dreams come true.

We are so instantly connected to our devices. I long to go back to when we were more connected to each other. Our phones and everyone else’s highlight reels weren’t the best parts of our day.

Our people were.

I have started to ask B, as well as my kids, what the best part of their day was whenever we get to connect. Connecting is so important to me. I ask the questions because I long to know. I am just cannot deal with superficial interactions.

I want to build memories and moments with the people I love. I have very few photos of date nights, of adventures at the beach with kids (although I do try and get some of the kids….because they are growing so fast and my heart is hurting a tad). Even when out with my best girlfriends, we laugh because we rarely take photos!

But if you could have seen and heard us? We have a plethora of stories and inside jokes.

The best moments simply aren’t on our phones.

They are embedded deep into the memory banks of our minds and taken root in our hearts.

As they should be.

Tiffany Rhea

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