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The Dream Doesn’t Have to End

Driving in to work yesterday, I was able to capture the sun rays breaking through the cloud barrier and pouring over the mountain tops. I scrambled in my car to take a photo because I needed to get it on camera.

It reminded me of the sun rays I saw when I saw pouring over the landscape as I drove to church as a 19 year old new believer. A dream was placed inside my heart back way back then….and has stayed the same even though the story of my life has drastically shifted.

I was asked the question recently, during an Instagram live with a good friend of mine, regarding our dreams and how we keep dreaming even as we navigate tough situations. My answer to that was simple: I believed God way back then when it came to what He placed inside my heart. At that time, I was not married. I was not even close to being married. But I was a girl who sought God‘s heart and He had already had a purpose, plan, a dream in mind for me…..way before anything else.

So, when I began to walk through a divorce and therefore the end of vocational ministry and a household as I once knew it, the dream God gave me was the one thing I still had and could hope in.

I could still serve and minister and encourage women…..but it was no longer limited to the platform I had before. I could no longer sit behind someone else. In essence, it was my turn to step up to the plate, step forward into my gifts and calling, and start sharing and speaking.

And do that, I have. The last couple of years, I have found my platforms growing in ways I never expected. my word of the year for 2021 was Bold. This year it is Radiate.

The dream God planted moves forward.

I don’t know what you may be going through currently, but the dream that was placed inside of you doesn’t have to die. Dreams have a way of taking shape and shifting, but we don’t have to bury them, unless, of course, they must be buried.

Who are you? What do you want? If you weren’t in the place you were in now, what did you want or dream of previously? I had always dreamt of writing a book and being a published author, even before I was married and had children. I love communicating with words. That dream did not die when my marriage ended.

In fact, it only strengthened the dream in my heart because it meant I had more to Share. More encouragement and hope to offer. Everything that has transpired up to even today has given me more inspiration and more words to offer those who wonder if they will ever experience happiness, love, hope, fun and faith after loss.

My answer to all of that is a resounding YES. It may take time, but the answer is yes. If you are breathing right this second, it means you are not dead.

Therefore, your dreams are not dead.

I am so sorry if your heart is hurting and some days are just a struggle to get through. Been there. Walked that road. If we were sitting face to face, I would buy you a cup of coffee or tea or dinner and you could pour your entire heart out.

Then, I would reach over to you, grab your hands, stare you directly in the fact and remind you that you are loved by God and He is not finished with you yet and your dreams are not done. To keep dreaming. Keep going. Define what you want.

The dream doesn’t have to end.

Tiffany Rhea

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