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Take the Job. Be an Advocate for Change in the Beauty Industry.

It is a brand new month. June 1st to be exact, and I am so excited for what is in store for this month.

Father's Day.

Incentives for those of you who are wanting to be a part of the movement by purchasing our products, or join the movement by adding your voice and becoming a Consultant.

New products to be released as well.

It is going to be so good!

First up, I want to invite you to join the mission of safer and better beauty. Team Beauty Redefined is searching for two sister friends who want to use their voices to either:

  • Create and be a part of change in the beauty industry.

  • Who want their safer beauty products at a discount.

  • Who would like to supplement their current income.

  • Or who are doing it for sisterhood and community. We all desire connection right now, even more so.

Did you know, that you can start your better beauty business and be a part of the movement for just $50? That's it. Just $50. No other purchase required, unless you would like to have your own products for your own personal use in your home and for your family, or you need to restock. Just $50.

Why? Does that mean it is not a real opportunity?

Absolutely not.

Listen, we know that right now, a lot of people are looking at their finances and their current situations and they are not sure if they should invest in themselves or start something new. But, I have always been of the mindset that when things get hard, and you need to find a new route, starting something new is often the way you need to go. We also know that things are tight for everyone. We do not want finances to be the reason you don't join us. No matter what financial background you come from, you are welcome here and we refuse to keep you from having a voice and a seat at the table simply because of money. Join us.

If you want to be part of a company and a community that practices inclusivity, is real, does the work, makes no apologies and inspires us to live better and be better, and is not afraid to show up and take up space. You should join us.

You belong here.

Because if you think we are just selling lipstick, you are not paying attention.

We are educators first. We know that there are harmful ingredients out there in our personal care products, and guess what? We are the gatekeepers of our homes. We get to decide what we will buy. We get to decide what we will feed and put on our children. We make the decisions. Not companies who only think of profits first. People over profit. So we advocate for change and we use our dollars to say what types of ingredients we are okay with in our every day products. We educate and inform and encourage. We are a movement. You belong here.

Next up for June: If you missed out on the 20% off for your first order with Beautycounter, you can still get 10% off your first order when you sign up for Beautycounter's emails. Trust me, anytime there is a sale or a discount, take advantage of it. The products are that good.

Even better? Join the Band of Beauty Membership. Becoming a Band of Beauty Member is simple and is our fantastic customer rewards program.

  • It is $29 for the entire year.

  • Earn 10% product credit on your orders

  • New members will earn a free gift when their order is $50 or more.

  • Free shipping on orders $100 or more.

  • Special offers just for members.

Becoming a member is a way for you to use your voice on the types of products you want for yourself and your home, and is a way to vote with your dollars. We are all about advocacy, so anyway you can lend your voice to movement of safer products, we thank you. We welcome you.

Take the job. Join the movement. Be a part of change and good in your community. Use your voice to take up space and share what it is that you want in your homes, for your children and for your life.

You are welcome here.

Should you have any questions, you can email me as well. I am always here to help you and encourage you.

Team Beauty Redefined,

Tiffany Rhea

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