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Stuck At Home?

Welcome to the club! It appears we are all in the same boat, and I know that I enjoy being entertained more than ever since I am limited on where I can go and who I can interact with.

Plus, the kids are home full time right now while their school is closed, so looking for different ways to interact, stay engaged and have a little fun is proving to be a challenge.

I work full time, but right now I am having to be at home, so we are looking to the free and discounted resources that are available to us. We are also reading to each other our favorite books (which I have shared in my Amazon site for you to check out); working on being creative; watching our favorite shows (there is some limit to screen time (but we are offering a lot of grace); attempting to get them outside for a little fresh air; work needing to be completed; a couple of side hustles to focus on so our family has some income...y'all, do you feel me?

Raise your hand if you are overwhelmed! I sure am. But it is all good. We got this. We can do hard things.

Even if it means we have to stock up on a few essentials like coffee, creamer and maybe wine (if you drink wine). And maybe some yummy snacks. Just don't do what we did and eat all of your quarantine snacks in one day. Ha!

I wanted to share with you a few resources that I have found that are offering either free services or have sales running during this time to help you while you are limited in where you can go and who to interact with.

I want you to be encouraged. I want you to feel motivated. I want you to understand that this is a season and hopefully, a very short one.

So if you are feeling despair, please understand that a lot of us are right there with you. Don't give up, don't quit, don't give in. Allow yourself a lot of grace and don't be afraid of taking advantage of the opportunities presented your way. They may not all be free, it is unfair to expect all businesses to give you free (they have to provide for their families and employees too), but if they are able offer it, don't feel bad for taking it right now.

And furthermore, pay it forward. I pray that during this uncertain season that we will rise up to be seen as a people who were generous with what they had and willingly supported one another, knowing that we are not alone. Together, we will get through this. #faithoverfear

This list will be updated as I discover new resources to share. So I apologize if this list seems never ending. There is a lot out there for us and I am so fortunate to have so many online friends who are savvy and are willing to share their discoveries as well. We are a team, people!


-ABCMouse, Adventure Academy: They are offering a free subscription to their educational programs through June. Use code SCHOOL7771

-Khanacademy: My kids use this. They are a nonprofit who provide free education to anyone and anywhere. They are currently offering daily schedules for students from 4-18.

-Teachers Pay Teachers: If you aren't already a member, sign up for free and check out some of the teaching tools and curriculum that is available for purchase (often for not a lot of money!) and there are a few free resources as well. My friend, Angela Linzay, has provided her March writing prompts for free for now, knowing it will help a great deal of you with grade school age children to work on their writing skills.

-NitroType: Help your kids practice their typing skills while racing and typing out the words on the screen. I learned how to type early on as a kid, but typical programs can be boring, especially if you are in quarantine. They need a little extra dose of fun right now. Plus, it is free and they earn "money" to build their dream race car. They can also race their friends from school. *Note* I only allow my kids to add people that we know their user name. The internet is a scary place for kids, so I highly recommend monitoring and don't allow your child to add anyone unless you know who they are.


-Tone It Up: One of my favorite workout companies is offering a Free Membership to new members in their App for the next month. If your gym is closed, and you desire to maintain a healthy routine, they are fantastic!

-Beachbody On Demand: I like to float between fitness programs and fitness apps, but the Beachbody on Demand app is what I currently use most often. There is a 14 day trial for new members available if you would like to workout to programs by Autumn Calabrese, Shaun T, and more. There are literally hundreds of workouts for you to choose from. (If you are looking to try Barre Blend, it is not available in the que for everyone just yet so it would be an additional purchase). No pressure to continue if you don't want to. Enjoy your free workouts and I hope it serves you and helps you to maintain your healthy body routine.

Revive Superfoods: If you can't get to the grocery store as often, and you desire something quick, easy and nutritious, try out Revive Superfoods and get 60% off of your first order. There are smoothies, oats and bowls to choose from and you can skip a week or a month, whichever you prefer. I chose the 24 smoothies and I believe I paid a little over $40 bucks for my first box. That is a pretty sweet deal!

-Thrive Market: I don't know if you knew this, but did you know that if you are a low income family, you can apply to receive a free membership to Thrive? Their mission is not just to get better quality and nutrient dense foods to those who can afford it. They want to make sure everyone, no matter what their income status may be, to have access to quality food. If this is you, I highly recommend applying. The worst they can say is no. If you don't qualify, know that Thrive Market gives a membership to a family in need for every new member. They are currently on a 10 day shipping delay, due to the nature of things right now, but they are a great company to support during this time, especially if you are unable to leave your home for a bit or your chain grocery stores are unable to stock on the products you are needing.

Will update more soon!


FTC disclosures: Please note that some of these links provided are affiliate links. Should you choose to purchase through the links provided, I do receive a small compensation for your order. I only share what I love and what I use or have used, and I have not received any compensation for my reviews. I purchase any and all products with my own money. Thank you in advance for your support. Your purchases help me to continue serving you and doing what I love, which is write and connect in this community.

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