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A funny little piece of encouragement by a friend prompted this post. It makes me giggle. I value the encouragement, and given the fact that I am a single mama right now, it makes me smile to know that people notice my efforts in what I am trying to do as a mom.

I just want to be mom. I want to create memories that will burn bright in their minds and that they will carry with them forever.

Growing up, you could say that my mom was a rockstar mom. She would take us everywhere. In the summers, we were either at the beach, Raging Waters, Knott’s Berry Farm or somewhere fun. All I remember is my mom driving us everywhere and hanging out with the neighborhood kids.

My dad worked long hours and often required a long commute. He was, however, at practically every single event or activity or game we participated in. So he was no absent father. My siblings and I had an incredible childhood. Blessed seems too inadequate to describe our life growing up. It was not without hardship. We had a lot of those, actually. But, I can’t complain about how I grew up.

Yesterday, I surprised the kids with a day at Knott’s Berry Farm. I got season passes as an early birthday present for myself and a late one for the kids, and we spent the whole day together.

Best. Day. Ever. We have had a lot of those days, actually.

Mamas, drive that car and go on that adventure. Invest in something fun with your kids. Wear that damn bathing suit and get in the water. Take a road trip, no matter how freaking far the drive is. Yes, they may drive you nuts (heck I know I drive my own kids nuts at times). I am a bit anal retentive about things.

I can tell you, over and over and over again that your kids do not give a rip about whether or not you look good in a bathing suit or whether things are convenient. They more than likely don’t have a clue about how much things cost because memories with your are what they are after.

You can’t place a price tag on moments with your kids.

When God gave me Madi and Sean, I swore I would be that mom who got in the water. Who would do things. Who would be a mom and parent, but still tell a good joke and create a home that was filled with a lot of laughter. We laugh a lot, Madi, Sean and I. And we have had much to cry about recently.

The cliche regarding time flying when it comes to your children is not a cliche. It is the truth. My oldest is fifteen years old. My baby is twelve. How I get to parent now is a little different than when they were babies, but my mission is still the same.

I want them to know that no matter what we went through or will go through, they got me. I am there. And we will have a good life and have fun doing it. We will still have all of the memories, all of the goodness, all of the growing together. I will provide in the best way that I can to make sure that they have what they need.

I will lead my kids. I will teach my kids. I will love my kids. I will have fun with my kids. They aren’t an inconvenience.They are gifts given to me by God and honestly, they are borrowed. They really belong to the Lord. I want to be a good steward of Madi and Sean. Especially as I am doing this on my own now. When I face my Savior, I want to say that I was a good and faithful steward with the precious souls He entrusted me with.

Maybe you can’t invest in amusement park passes or expensive trips or whatever. I get that. Trust me. I have to be very strategic right now in how I am spending my money. But that isn’t the point. Memories aren’t created just at Disneyland.

They are created in your homes. In the most mundane of moments. Sitting on your bed and having conversations and getting to know the hearts of your children better. Knowing who they are and encouraging them to be who they are as God created them to be. They, also, were created in the image of God. Spur on those conversations. Don’t be afraid to talk with your children. Affirm their faith. See where they are in their own walk with Christ. What are they passionate about? What makes them so happy and excited? What is their thing?!

Thst will make you a rockstar mom. Heck, it will make you a rockstar parent. Your kids will remember that and they will thank you. And hopefully, they will pass on the torch should they have children of their own.

You got this,

Tiffany Rhea

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