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One of my favorite things to do is tell people about things that I have purchased, read, watched, eaten...all the things.

I really want others to benefit from the things I have experienced, and if it means it blesses them in return, or makes their life easier, I am all about that LIFE.

I am all about sharing. Sharing is caring, y’all!

In an effort to enjoy the little pleasures in my life, and take some much needed care of myself, I recently fell in love with a couple of things that I think you all would enjoy too. Especially if you are like me, and coffee is your morning bestie.

Coffee, I will never give up on you. I don’t care what they say about you. We are in this for life!

First thing I want to share is my collagen that I have been using. I use Beachbody Collagen Boost, which is relatively new to Beachbody’s supplement line. It was released in July at Team Beachbody’s annual Coach Summit (which I missed, sadly. Next year! It will be back in NOLA!)

I was really excited to try it and this time, be consistent with it. I had tried other brands, and they were fine. I don’t think I had one that was extremely horrible, but I was excited that Beachbody listened to the feedback of its customers and coaches and added Collagen to their supplement line up.

So, I won’t pretend that I know all the XYZ’s of collagen and that I am an expert in this supplement. However, I do know that I am closer to 40 and that I need to utilize tools that will support healthy skin and nails, because as you age, Collagen begins to decline. Collagen is the protein that supports skin and nails from the inside out. So when your body ages, and your body lacks this protein, that is where you begin to see the signs of aging, lines, wrinkles, and your skin and nails don’t appear as healthy and vibrant. This has nothing to do with not wanting to get older. We can embrace the natural process of aging, without looking like we are the Crypt Keeper’s sister….mmmmkay?!

For more scientific research and study on the effects of Collagen and why it should be included in your care routine, I highly recommend google or you can click on the link provided above that will have some information for you to review.

What I will say, for myself, is that I have noticed my nails looking healthy and growing faster and stronger. I have never had troublesome skin, but it does look fresh and vibrant, which is what I am going for at 38 years of age. Right now, I refuse to invest in botox or other invasive facial treatments, so I will keep investing in good collagen and skin care to take care of my skin (along with a healthy diet and lots of water!)

The next item I thought I would share was something that I never actually thought I would need and that is Hydrate from my favorite coffee brand Coffee Over Cardio.

If you follow me on Instagram, and watch my stories, I have shared quite a bit about this awesome, female owned coffee business. Their coffee blends are THE BEST. YES! I. AM. YELLING!

If you are looking to save on your daily java by not purchasing from your favorite coffee shop every day (I know that will be hard. But it isn’t a break up… will just be on a break!)

As much as I love coffee, I also realize that it is not a naturally hydrating drink. In fact, it can be a source of dehydration for a lot of us. Which is why drinking water prior to drinking your first cup of coffee is important.

Hydrate is the first electrolyte for your coffee. It is made with Cocorganic, which is an electrolyte infused coconut powder with Himalayan pink salt, and is naturally carb free, keto friendly, sugar free and gluten free. It tastes like salted caramel and it is amazing in your coffee or in your morning oats or even in smoothies. I shared some with my co-workers a couple of weeks ago. It is a winner. Trust me.

I have provided the link above for you to, again, do your own research and decide if you want to try it out (along with their won’t be disappointed!). Also, if you do decide to give Hydrate a go, be sure to use my discount code “10tiffscoffeesquad” to save 10% on your order.

I would love to hear about what you are using and loving! Sharing is caring!!!

In Victory,


P.S. And because I value being honest with my readers, and to comply with the FTC, some of the links available are my affiliate links. This means, that should you choose to purchase through those links or use any discount codes offered to you, I do receive a small commission from that purchase. Thank you! This allows me to continue to blog and share and offer valuable, free content to you as well as share what I love with you all. In now way was I compensated for my review or for this post. All opinions are my own and I purchased these products with my own money.

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