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February was a spectacular month where conversations and opportunities collided. On February 7th, my good friend Amber @hercatalystmovement invited me to chat with her live on Instagram and share a bit of my story and how hope and our dreams don't have to die even when our circumstances appear dire.

In 2018 and 2019, life was pretty intense and my dreams for myself and my children seemed far off. I had shared just in my last blog post about our dreams. Our conversation dug deeper into that time, what she as a friend observed on the outside of that relationship, and what she observes now post divorce and with my brand new beginnings, which quite frankly, have been incredibly exciting.

You know the term "Level Up?" Level up I did, honey!

My hope, every time I get behind the camera, post a photo, write a post, or even have conversations is to encourage you all to continue the dream and to keep going even when our life circumstances seem bleak and hopeless. The light may be dim, but if that is the case, it means we need to change the lightbulb.

You don't throw out your whole lamp because the lightbulb goes out. You change the lightbulb. Then, it shines again and provides the light you need.

I hope you enjoy our conversation and leave encouraged to keep hoping and dreaming.

You can find our conversation here.

I also had the opportunity to chat with the Custody Queens on their radio show regarding a little bit about what I do as an Intake Specialist and a little bit about co-parenting, even if your relationship with the other parent is slightly strained.

I truly love my job and I love that I get to use my gifts of listening and being able to empathize with others in order to help them as they navigate through one of the hardest days of their life. Unless you have gone through a divorce yourself, you just cannot understand how emotionally draining and uncertain things can feel. I am so grateful I get to work for one of the greatest family law firms in California.

Please note: It is literally impossible to highlight every co-parenting relationship and scenario in just 30 minutes. My circumstances and story are mine alone. I do hope, however, that you are encouraged to put your children's needs first when you are navigating through divorce, regardless of how you may feel about the other parent or what they may have done to you. The children did not ask for this.

Go check out the @custodyqueensonair and you can find my Episode "When You Call the Custody Queens." They are available on all podcast platforms. You can catch the Custody Queens every Saturday on GoCountry105 at 8:30am.

Have a great Saturday, friends.

May you leave inspired, hope-filled and ready to dream. Cheers to new beginnings and more conversations that need to be had.

Tiffany Rhea

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