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Radiate: Word of the Year Recap

I realize it is only December sixth, but between you and me, this year has absolutely flown by and I am astounded at what has transpired so far.

I chose the word Radiate because I wanted to experience and live out many things in the new year. 2021 had been amazing and eye opening and filled with hope. I had high expectations for 2022.

And girl, it sure did blow my my mind.

I wanted to radiate love and love others well, along with receiving love. I met Bill in December of 2020, fell in love with him in 2021 and we got engaged June 2022 on a gorgeous beach in Clearwater, Florida. Now, we are merging our lives and our children together and loving each other. More people just mean more opportunities to love and I could not be more thrilled. We don't have a date yet (that is coming soon!) but we are ecstatic for the rest our lives together.

I wanted to radiate joy and happiness. Adventure. Beauty. Kindness. Goodness. Faith. Hope.

Throughout the year, I had opportunities to experience and live out all of that mentioned above. Adventures with Bill and his girls to Canada. Meeting his family in his hometown in Wisconsin. The six of us moving and adjusting to a new way of living. Sharing and living out the gospel together as a family of six.

Choosing joy on days when work and life proved challenge. Parenting in love and grace when children experienced their own journey of emotions to all the change happening in their lives.

Making new friends. Connecting with old ones. Lots of laughter. Tears shed. Love radiating through it all.

Exactly what I hoped for and prayed for when I chose this word. A theme for my life and my hope is that it radiated not just in the activities and things that I did, but that others saw it flow through my whole person.

Ready to close out 2022 with a smile. I did the best I could and gave all I could give. Ready for the New Year.

Do I have a word for 2023? You betcha. I have been back and forth between a couple of words. But I heard one today, yes, today that made me stop in my tracks and exclaim "That's IT!!"

I can't wait to share with you all soon what that word will be.

In the meantime, did you have a word for the year? Maybe a theme or a verse?

Would love to hear your stories of how 2022 transpired for you.


Tiffany Rhea

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