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On The Horizon

When we escaped to Universal Studios a couple of weekends ago, I had to stop and take in the view you see here.

I am no photographer and the photo you see here does not do that skyline justice.

The view took my breath away and because I one who tries to find meaning in practically everything, it had me thinking of all that is possible right now in my life.

What is literally on the horizon.

What is on the horizon for you? I bet more than you think. We may be holding on to old narratives that no longer fit who we are or where we are going. Bill calls them old tapes and that we need to burn them. I agree.

Not easy, especially if those tapes have been played on repeat for a long time. But not impossible either.

Not Impossible.

If you took just a quick second, took a deep breath, and looked out into the sky, the ocean, insert your view here, what could you dream up? What do you believe is possible for you?

When I would journal following the days of my divorce, that whole process of writing everything out was incredibly helpful. Just recently even, I reread a document I wrote not long after filing for divorce and what I experienced in that marriage. What it was like. I found myself cringing through most of it. I didn’t recognize the voice that was telling that story. She was broken. Hollow. And her voice sounded very matter of fact. I couldn’t detect her emotions. She wasn’t open. Just stating facts.

The woman then is not this woman now.

Now, when I look out into the skyline, or when I take in the ocean, I see far more possibilities and a life that I dreamed of but wasn’t sure would happen for me. I believed the old tapes that said I didn’t deserve those things, or that good things didn’t happen for women like me (whatever that means. If you hear that or believe that, let’s burn that tape together. It isn’t true.)

When you peek a little bit into what is possible, my hope is that it lights a fire in your soul to make it a reality. If you are experiencing all of the goodness that life has to offer, my prayer is that you don’t squash it or minimize it because of an old story you keep going back to.

Turn the page. Next chapter. As Ariana Grande says, “Thank you, Next.”

That document I wrote years ago was supposed to have a part two. More telling of that old story. But I have decided this woman will tell part two, but with a new voice. She isn’t broken or hollow anymore. She expresses her emotions far more than she used to.

And she is delighted and fascinated by life. Life is happening and will continue to happen and I want to revel in it. Truly enjoy it. Celebrate it. Be in love and live in it. That is the part two, and three, and four…..and however many chapters there may be.

That is what is on the horizon.

As you live out your life, I hope you catch glimpse of what is on the horizon for you.

Tiffany Rhea

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