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Memory Lane

If you ever get the chance to take someone on a trip down memory lane, and invite them to get to see who you were, do it.

Just do it.

Pull out all the old school photos. Gaze at the awkward growing up years together. Tell stories. Invite them into the memories of your past as they partner with you in your future.

And honestly, it is just really fun and rarely do you get an opportunity like that. Most of the time, we choose to not revisit those moments because we think the other person won’t care or be interested. You couldn’t be more wrong.

They want to know.

This past weekend I took advantage of the fact that I still lived really close to my hometown. So, I gave B a little tour. We had brunch at the most adorable and delicious breakfast/lunch spot called The Avocado House. I am ashamed to admit we did not get any pictures, but trust us. It was cute. It was delicious. You must go if you are in Chino, CA.

Then, we drove to Diamond Bar, CA where we first drove by slowly past the house I grew up in. We didn’t barge in on my parents. They were home (sorry Mom and Dad!) but I was so excited to show him the homes of all my old friends growing up.

Then, we stopped by my middle school, my elementary school, and lastly, my high school.

Then, we stopped for coffee and told more stories. Later that evening, I pulled out the old photographs and he and I looked over them together.

More stories told. I would rate this date day as a 10/10.

Revisiting your child like self and sharing that with your people should be something we strive to do. It should be on top of our bucket list. We focus so much on our futures, which is not a bad thing, and lose sight of where we came from.

Rarely do we as a people go back to visit our past selves, probably because with going back, there are some painful memories. I get that. I certainly have my fair share of those kinds of memories, ones I would prefer not to share and keep them hidden in my heart.

But every single memory shapes you in some way. If we want to be truly known, then inviting others into all parts of our lives, the past, present and the future we envision is a must.

That is how you build relationships. That is how you establish connection and community.

We all desire to be known. We want to be seen and heard and cared for. We can put on all the armor we want in order to keep people out, believing that we are protecting ourselves from pain and heartache.

It will have the opposite affect.

Sharing my childhood with B and even with my kids brought us closer. My kids got to see that I was once their age. That their mom went through similar experiences as they did. That all of the growing pains they may be experiencing in their life, their mother had to go through herself.

Those conversations are so important because they are faith building as well. I have taken my kids to see my schools. They asked so many questions about the activities I did. About my friends. The trouble I got into. (Eight grade, I got into so much trouble. Hahaha! Fantastic memories!)

My point in, given the opportunity, invite them to meet you and get to know you. All of you.

As a child.

As a teen.

As a young adult.

Wherever you find yourself now as an adult, if you want to be truly known……

Invite them in and share yourself with them.

Risky? Could very well be a risk.

Worth it?


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