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Love is Breaking Through

I had a dream the other day while I was walking around the neighborhood and listening to worship music. I had the same vision while I washing dishes and cleaning up the bathrooms, listening to my same worship playlist (which I shared in yesterday's post, if you missed it!).

I know that there is a lot of real fear out there. Truthfully, we need to be wise and use discernment and not do anything stupid during this time. There are people who are working really hard to keep their spirits up while also trying maintain some semblance of a normal routine. I don't think we need to be reminded every single day that we are in a pandemic and an economic crisis. Hello, we are living it.

I also think that sometimes, as Christians, we have a tendency to promote false or positive optimism. Meaning, because we want to show people that there is real hope, we tend to dismiss anyone or anything that may deemed negative or discouraging. We falsely call them haters, when in reality, they may be expressing a very real fear, trauma or disappointment and they are inviting us in to comfort them. We can share real hope and encourage faith and love over fear, without minimizing or dismissing the negative feelings.

How can you fight against any enemy of your heart, mind and soul, if you don't at first acknowledge that there is indeed an enemy.

Let's identify what is....and then let's choose to fight against it because we know it is there and it is not going to win!

So, back to my vision. I am a little excited because I know really miss gathering together at our church on Sundays. I know it has been necessary, but it still is hard. I miss our routine, I miss all the people. I miss singing worship with the rest of the congregation and the worship team. So while I was doing the mundane things of the day, things that were necessary (except laundry...I really hate laundry), and filling my mind and ears with worship music, God encouraged my heart and I literally imagined all of us believers together in our churches and even outside buildings worshiping together on Easter.

Is that freaking crazy, or what?!!!

Now, hear me out though. I am not a charismatic individual by any means. I am definitely not a believer in the whole wealth and health property gospel or regularly proclaim that I have received visions from God. But, I do believe that this was an encouragement to my heart from God. I do believe that He saw my fears, all the unknown, the loneliness and encouraged me with a visual of me and His children gathered together in worship. I am not saying that come Easter, we will all be together.

But I can surely hope. And I can for sure pray.

And we for sure can pray not just that we gather for Easter, but for a revival and for healing for our world that is experiencing incredible trauma, loss and heartache. So many are searching for signs of hope.

Remember: We have good news. We have the hope. God is not done. He. Is. Not. Done.

So in remembering that we have the power in us by the Holy Spirit, we will see a victory and we have the ability to speak out loud and proclaim His truth and invite others who are needing real hope and real solutions to the One who saved us all.

His name is Jesus.

Love breaks through and move through when we are together, whether by virtual meetings or in person, and prison walls are shake and strongholds break.

Does that make you as excited as it does me?

I hope it does.

So, while maintaining the responsible thing and practicing social distancing, I will pray that we get to gather together soon and worship.

I can't wait.

In Him,


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