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Let’s Take It Too Far!

Hi friends!

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of being a part of a launch team for a brand new devotional by the fabulous Jess Connolly. I had been reading through her book, You Are The Girl For The Job, and I love that she is a woman who strives to encourage women to live on mission.

I am that woman and I know a lot of you are too.

We find ourselves in unprecedented times. We are being essentially forced to not leave our homes except for essentials, and a lot of us are not able to work because our jobs are not considered essential. So we are in the middle of being terrified, anxious, uncertain, and bankrupt.

The enemy is playing real hard with our souls and our minds and it is time for us to step up and be major hope dealers right now.

If there was ever a time to take faith, love, mercy, grace and Jesus too far....this is it!

As Jess would say:

You Are Up!
It is time to go!

So are you ready? Are you ready to stop being afraid and ready to step out to share more. Give more. Hope more. Live more. And invite those in your home, communities and in your circle of influence to the Jesus that saves?

In the past, I know we were afraid to speak up and be loud about our faith because we were afraid of going too far and offending. No more. It is time to drop that thought like a bad habit, and tell people about Jesus.

So join me in this devotional. It is ambitious. It is 100 days of truth and 100 days of little steps forward so that these truths can be absolutely true for you. I want to be able to share with y'all and encourage you as we go through Taking It Too Far together. I am anxious, in a good way, to hear how God will transform His people during this season. How are we going to be a light in the current darkness.

Let's do this! Grab your copy and let's go. It is time to go.

In Him,


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