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Let Life Happen

Not too long ago, my daddy reached out to me to check in on me. He had read one of my blog posts, which had probably been one of my more emotional posts and was concerned. That happens sometimes when you write. People who care about you read your words and they want to make sure everything is okay.

In those moments I just assure them that all is fine, and that I just had words and thoughts that needed to be shared.

I am so grateful for people who love me and care about me, even if I don’t always express it.

Anyway, when my dad texted me, I told him that I was fine. I shared a bit of my fears currently with being in a new relationship, being responsible for myself and having bills to pay for all on my own and the weight of meeting my kids needs. It can feel heavy and I am one who does not like to feel out of control. So I give myself anxiety and stress myself into an emotional frenzy.

It also didn’t help that I was PMSing, but I didn’t tell my dad that. Although he is a girl dad. Some things are just better left unsaid. Ha!

My dad gave me this advice:

I understand that. But you seem to be in the best place you have been in years. Right now you just need to let life happen. I understand the fear, but i think all is good right now. Love you.

Let life happen.

Even with all of the stuff. We can still choose joy. Persevere though our circumstances. Embrace what is. Love and serve one another.

We don’t have to give in to any of those fears that plague the back of our minds. We can’t try to control every single thing in our life. Really, if you are someone who is constantly needing to control everything, from your emotions to your circumstances to people, that isn’t freedom.

That’s bondage.

And we were made for more than to be people who are in bondage to our fears and desire for control.

Embrace what You have going for you right now.

I look around at my life in this moment and, even with a marriage that ended, my life is really, really good. I can smile real wide every single day because of this Life. I still have my challenges. Money is tight and probably will be for awhile. There are things happening in our world right now that make me incredibly concerned.

That being said, I am going to let life happen. Let’s choose joy daily, and not allow anything to rob us of it.

Let’s be people who persevere, remembering the scriptures where we are encouraged to persevere because of the fruit it produces.

Let’s be people who live in freedom and not in bondage to whatever it is that threatens to wear us down and tear us apart. We were made for more than that!

You were made for more than that.

Let’s live in freedom, and With perseverance and choosing joy…..

No matter what.

Tiffany Rhea

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