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It's Time To Come Out Of Hiding

Hello. My name is Tiffany. I have an anger problem.

Probably not something I would typically share with anyone I just met, but I feel like we are friends here. That you and I, my readers, we have build a connection and I feel like you get me.

And chances are, you are breathing a sigh of relief because you probably have a weakness too. Maybe it isn't anger. Maybe it is pride. Selfishness. Arrogance. Dishonesty. There are a long list of weaknesses we can probably spout off.

I have an anger problem. I get angry not about everything, but mostly when I feel something isn't right. I hate things that feel or appear unfair. I hate it when there is injustice and/or lack of compassion. I like to root for the underdog, because they are often thrown so many obstacles their way already. I want them to fight, overcome, win. I will proudly, and sometimes loudly, defend them.

My anger was a lot worse when I was younger. Would you believe that during my teen years, I had what you would call a potty mouth? I would scream, yell, hit walls, throw things. I would explode over things that most people wouldn't get upset about. My anger wasn't okay then.

When I began walking with Jesus, He showed me how my weakness revealed His perfect and awesome power. That I could boast in my weakness, instead of boasting in my strength, in order to show just WHO really was powerful and worthy of praise. In 2 Corinthians 12:9 it reads:

"But he said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.' Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

What a relief, right?

Far too often, we want to hide when our weaknesses are revealed. When we expose ourselves to the world as we project our faith and tell people about Jesus, and they see that there are cracks and imperfections, the enemy would love nothing more than to guilt us into hiding by reminding us that we are not perfect. That because we carry these weaknesses and they come out from time to time due to our humanness, then he will do what he can to disqualify order to disrupt the Kingdom work.

The enemy will do what he can to take you down. But God will reveal His power greatly through our shortcomings. It says so right there in His word. I think we can have confidence when we read about His unfathomable grace and power in and over our lives as we go forth daily sharing the good news of Jesus. I hope they leap off of the pages for you and encourages your heart greatly like it does mine.

In no way, no how are we going to let the enemy get the last word on who we are. God has been there, done that and He is our Victory. So we don’t have to go into hiding when we fall short. Because really, we all fall short from time to time. If we want to go boldly into what God has called us to, then we must be willing to be exposed for all we are. Like the quote says, you cannot hide and be bold at same time. Which one is it?

It is so much easier to hide. It is so much easier to keep hidden the darker parts of ourselves. Safer even. When we don’t make ourselves known, then we won’t be susceptible to the opinions, criticisms and judgements of others. However, I am having a hard time remembering any significant characters in the bible that remained hidden and changed the world (well, with the exception of Moses and Jesus….but hello people! They were babies and somebody was trying to kill them! I assure you, they didn’t remain hidden for long...especially Jesus!)

Sister friend, I know you may feel there are a whole lot of very educated, very sophisticated people out there who may be able to do a better job at whatever is burning in your heart. Don’t worry about those people. Allow God to work through them and work through you. Boast all the more gladly whatever your weaknesses are, surrender them to your heavenly Father who loves you, and come out of hiding….and let His power shine mightily through you. We are rarely in awe of the perfect person who experiences a miracle from God. It is usually the broken brother or sister whose story of God’s grace, mercy, love and power captures our hearts. If God only wanted to use extremely perfect, religious people, He would have done better than the 12 Disciples that He called to follow Jesus. (I totally feel like I am Peter...aye yi yi!)

Come out of hiding and be bold. You don’t have to keep who you are hidden any longer.


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