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It is 100% About You.

Ooooh girl. We gonna get real today.

I am so excited to bring you to this space. I have to say, though, that this is probably the third blog I have created in a span of two years...mostly because I can never decide what specifically I want to talk about or focus on.

Can you say “squirrel?!!!”

But for right now, this specific post is about you. Because I am making this space for you. Community is something that I crave so deeply right now, and while I have my rock hard community of amazing girlfriends who are local to me, I also don’t want to exclude those of you who are along for this crazy ride called life.

We are in this together.

So, why is it 100% about you?

Because my passion and mission in life is to empower each and every single woman I come in contact with to know that they are loved. That they are awesome, the way that they are. That they don’t have to stay in the places they have always been in. That they can give themselves permission to grow, succeed, be better, do better, be healthy, be strong, be more financially secure even.

This will not be a space where you will be held down.

We are going to rise up.

Without getting too personal, for too long I have allowed old rules and mentalities and even programming to keep myself from living full out what I know I was called to: My calling has always been to love and lead women. But I constantly heard the following voices in my head, which I took as truth:

You are too loud.

You are not submissive.

You are not a good manager.

You are too emotional and therefore irrational.

You dream too big.

You are not logical.

You don’t have experience.

You don’t have as many followers.

You haven’t thought this through.

Perhaps you have heard the same voices? I think they come after every woman who decides to take that first step toward her calling. You aren’t alone. (Side note: go read Imperfect Courage by Jessica Honeggar. She talks about that itty bitty bs committee in your head. Time to shut them down!)

Girlfriend, we don’t have time for that! It is time for a little fun, a lot of truth, some boldess, and diving deep into our passions. There might be some shopping too. I know I am not alone!

You belong here. I can’t wait to get to know each of you. Don’t forget to join our email squad. My squad will get exclusive access to content just for them!

You rock,


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