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Gratitude week

Last Monday was the start to a particularly emotional, challenging and beautiful week.

Every so often we come face to face with our humanity. We get a glimpse of what is truly important to us and what is worth moving toward and what can be put off of our plate as it no longer aligns with us as much as we thought it did.

This week we enter into a time of thanksgiving and gratitude. Really, it is a week of humbling ourselves and recognizing and showing appreciation for all the good that we have. While I absolutely concur that being thankful should not be limited to a week, but as a lifestyle, for the sake of the holiday coming up, we are going to be intentional with the days ahead.

I have much to be thankful for.

Last week absolutely solidified in my heart and mind what I want and what gifts I have received lately. They aren’t monetary. I could not buy these. I could not force them into my life. They came to be because God, in only the way that He could, provided them. He is our heavenly Father who loves to give good gifts to His children.

Good gifts they are.

Love. Friendship. Passion. Opportunity. My family. Connection. All incredible gifts that I have encountered and received this past year.

2021 has been challenging and delightful. I take hold every bit of it. I regret none of it.

The holidays have a way of bringing the blues out of us. If you are a single person and/or a single parent, you know what I am talking about. It is either the most wonderful time of the year or the darkest. Very rarely is it in the middle. I know that all too well. The holidays are my absolute favorite (yes, my Christmas decorations are up! Jesus gets two months). I also remember those two years where I wished the holidays would just disappear.

Then came along 2020, and then 2021.

Everything has changed.

I want to specifically address those who are in a difficult season right now. The original plot of our stories may have changed recently and we have to make some adjustments. Do not allow those circumstances to rob you of joy and gratitude. When we take a moment to truly sit at the Father’s feet and pour out every blessing, no matter how small, and remember them, our souls cannot help but shift toward being thankful. You can smile. You will experience joy. You are not alone. I won’t minimize your hurt or pain. I walked it. I get it. It is hard. Things may not change or get better right away.

Please smile and choose joy as you walk with all perseverance and in the freedom you have in Christ. Take time to remember the good you do have. Please lift your head upward. That is where our hope is.

Regarding the work of being thankful, It is work that far too often we let slip aside because it requires being intentional and slowing down for a moment to remember. We are on the go people. We love moving and hustling and winning. Speaking to myself here. I am constantly in action. I am only now starting to learn and appreciate entering into my days slowly and breathing deeply before rushing off to my next task, assignment or dream. I get what I want and rarely enjoy and celebrate way too often than I care to admit.

As we enter in to Gratitude week, may we enter into it slowly. With purpose and intention. Grab that journal of yours and spell out every good and perfect gift God has given us, starting with the Gift that only He could give us.

His Son Jesus.

Love you all! Have a fantastic week.

Tiffany Rhea

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