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Grace Camps

Happy Saturday, sweet sister friends!

I had mentioned on my Instagram stories that I would be running monthly grace camps as opposed to running one every two weeks.

With working full time and adding some new responsibilities to my plate, along with Little League Season now in full effect, I am one busy mama.

But, I still need to move my body and take care of myself, and I still need the accountability. So, from now until further notice, my groups will be once a month.

Oh, and these aren’t going to be just any groups.

Welcome to Grace Camps.

I did not come up with the name. I am terrible at naming things. Like, I really suck at it. But, I had been following a fellow health and fitness influencer who loves Jesus and had been using the term grace camps for her accountability groups for a long while now, and honestly, I just love what the name implies.

Grace. Encouragement. Goodness. Moving gracefully.

For far too long, my own groups were results driven. I wanted the women who invested in their programs and Shakeology to get all the results they hoped for, and if it didn’t happen in my groups, well then I considered them a failure.

But, what if we transformed our thinking of how accountability groups are supposed to work? What if instead of only being driven by results (and often hoping for extremely quick results), we view the groups as a place for encouragement, hope, resource, empowerment, fun and friendship. What if we were given more grace by those who lead us in movement and nutrition, and what if we gave ourselves more grace?

What if we finally begin to understand that yes, if we want certain results, then certain actions must take place, but also give ourselves the grace we need when our days, weeks, and months don’t go as we had hoped.

You are not a failure if you miss a day or two in your 7 day fitness program.

You are not a failure if you skip a whole week in your program.

You are not a failure if you honestly feel so run down that you need to watch Netflix, take a nap instead of workout, or enjoy a hearty meal with good friends instead of following that nutrition plan.

I am so tired of health and fitness being so results driven that women are finding themselves placed in bondage over it. They essentially replace one prison for another. No more. That is not what we are about.

It is not what I am about. I am a perfect example of one who needs a lot of grace in this area. I love working out. I do appreciate and regularly enjoy eating nutrient dense foods. However, I also love naps. And french fries. And Dr. Pepper and Margaritas. Ha!

So, I beg you, please view these grace camps as an invitation to move your body, be connected with other like minded women, to have a little fun, eat delicious food, and grow stronger in your mind and body. I have never regretted the investment in my health. People spend billions on self-help books. I spend money on health and fitness. We all have our things. LOL.

Now, onto what these Grace Camps will entail:

They will be monthly: On the first Monday of every month is when we will kick off a brand new Grace Camp. Occasionally they will be themed, and they may correlate with a specific program (especially if it is a new program launch) but most of the time, you will have the option to choose your fitness program, which I know helps a great deal for those of you who enjoy certain exercises.

They will run for 30 days: I think that is plenty of time for us to spend together and develop healthy habits.

This is not a free group: Due to the fact that I will be running these monthly, and there is some time that I need to be spending in this group, you will be required to purchase prior to being sent the invitation link to join my Grace Camp. This means that you will need to purchase any of the following:

*Challenge Pack: fitness program with access to BOD, Shakeology or Performance, Nutrition Guide, and resources.

*Completion Pack (Already a member of BOD): Fitness program, Shakeology or Performance, Nutrition Guide and resources.

*Shakeology: You will need a 30 day supply

*Beachbody Performance: You will need a 30 day supply

*Nutrition Program: Choose from either the Ultimate Reset, The Ultimate Portion Fix, or the 2b Mindset nutrition programs. If you are already a BOD member (and I am your coach), these programs will be uploaded to your BOD que for easy access.

You will commit to participating: This group is created more for you. It is not just for me. I honestly believe that health and fitness is more fun when we have our friends doing it with us. Yes, we can all do it alone and without any tools and we can probably do it for free. That is great. But, we were not meant to do life alone. I certainly don’t want to be the only one of my friends who is taking care of herself. I want all my sister friends to do this with me!

The next Grace Camp begins on March 2nd. Have questions? Please email me at with “Grace Camps” in the subject line. That way I don’t miss your email.

Or if you are ready to go, please click here to be taken through the step by step process of purchasing your pack or product. You can also let me know what you are specifically interested in and I can create a personalized purchase link for you

See you in Camp,


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