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Good Stuff For Your Monday-April 20, 2020

Can you believe we are already almost through April? What the heck fire? March was the longest month ever and now it feels like April is flying by.

I can see and feel the light at the end of the tunnel with everything. People are adjusting to their pivots and are even experiencing a little hope and encouragement during this season.

Dare I say that God has truly showed up in the most incredible ways?

I love it when He does that.

If you find yourself still in a state of despair, allow me to encourage you. This season will not last forever. God sees your anxious heart (stay tuned for a free resource to be available for you this week!). He cares for you. He is there for you. Whatever you are facing, He already knows the outcome and the way. Follow Him through.

Now, for the good stuff for your Monday. Enjoy, sister friends!

-If you need a delicious and really easy, peasy Mac and Cheese recipe that doesn't come from a box, I made this recipe this weekend from Lexi's Clean Kitchen. It was a winner with my kids!

If you are a huge fan of John Krasinski, then you will become an even bigger fan of the man because he is hitting it out of the park with his segments of Some Good News (SGN). Go check him out on Facebook and just enjoy some light hearted moments by probably one of the nicest guys in Hollywood!

Need to be encouraged to persevere during hard seasons? Check out this Made For This by Jennie Allen podcast episode featuring Jill Briscoe. This quote she shared during the episode struck my heart, in such a good and powerful way: "Courage is Fear that has said its prayers."

"This Calls for a Happy Dance"- This is my new coffee mug that I purchased and honestly, I think it is the perfect name for this series. Might change it. Might not. Either way, this is a good mug for all the good coffee I have been consuming lately.

Speaking of good coffee, I am obsessed with Coffee Over Cardio and all of their delicious coffee blends. I love that it is female owned and that the shipping is really fast too! My favorite coffee flavors so far are Messy Bun (Cinnamon Bun); Cake, Cake, Cake (Birthday Cake); French Toast, and Doctor's Orders (Vanilla Hazelnut). They have seriously saved me so much money since I don't drive through a certain coffee shop as much lately. If you order, enter the code: 10tiffscoffeesquad to save 10% off of your order!

That's all I have for you today.

What are you loving currently? Got any good stuff for us that you would love to share?

In Him,

Tiffany Rhea

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