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For Such A Time As This

Fear woke me up this morning. Instantly, I got up and my brain rattled off all of the what if's. The uncertainty and unknown that is currently present for my own family in terms of my job (so far, I currently have one, Praise Jesus)

I slinked over to the living room desk with my bible in hand and took in the words off the page. And I journaled this:

"Lord, make me aware. Lord, make me bold. Lord, make me more generous and to see the needs around me.

Lord, do the things you are famous for.

Lord, remind us that we have good news. That we don't have to live in fear of the unknown because we can trust our unknown to you. We can bring it all to you. You care about us.

Remind us that prayer does work, no matter what anyone says. When we are laid low as we are now, we know that you are not surprised by all of this. That your power is made to be even more evident when we stop trying to act as though we have the answers.....but humble ourselves to recognize that we don't and allow YOU to move."

Y'all, if there was ever a time to be bold and tell people about our hope, now is the time.

For such a time as this. One of my favorite bible stories is the story of Esther. Queen of Persia, herself and her people were sentenced to be killed. And she prayed. And she boldly went before her husband, the King, who had the authority and the power to kill her should she present herself to him without invitation.

And she shared. And her people were spared.

We may be closed in our homes right now. We might have to be placed in quarantine because we came in contact with someone who was sick. We may be in jeopardy of losing our jobs that will provide for our families. I know the anxiety you are feeling. It is real and real needs are needing to be met and there is an eeriness in the air that I cannot explain.

But I know Jesus. I want to tell you about Him. I don't know what is going to happen over the next several weeks. Things may become worse before they get better. I am praying God does the miraculous and wipes this virus out completely.

But while we wait, sister friends, remember that God is good. That we have good news. That we have a hope and a future not for our harm but for our good. That even though we may be closed off and quarantined in our homes, we can still share the good news.

Watch what happens when God's people pray. Watch what happens when God's people have the audacity to still hope in the middle of panic.

Watch. What. Happens.

God is on the move.

In prayer with you,


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