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February-The Month of Love

I know what some of you are thinking! Some of you absolutely hate this month…..actually, you really hate Valentine’s Day. I have never seen a holiday get such a visceral amount of hate in my life.

I love love. I love Valentine’s Day. I remember, while going through my divorce, even though I was super disappointed (and a little weepy, I won’t lie) to not have someone of my own on that day, I really did enjoy all the stories of couples who love one another through it all. The highs and lows. Summers and Winters. Young and old love.

Allowing myself to feel and Expose myself to what love should look like only encouraged me to write out what I wanted in a future partner. At that time, I remember writing in my journal that should I ever be so lucky to love someone, this is what I want.

I made a list, y’all.

Not of red flags, and not of what I didn’t want.

What I wanted.

Without going in to too much detail and turning this into a post about my relationship status, I will just say…..I am VERY happy. And in love. AND loved in return. I will say that for the first time, ever, I am in a healthy relationship. I thought I knew what that was until this one. But that is for another blog post.

Having said all of that.

I don’t believe that love is only for those in romantic relationships. I have given a great deal of thought about all of the people I love, who are in my life that I am not in a romantic relationship with.

My kids. I love them. They are my number one priority.

My family. I would die for them.

My friends. I love my friends. I would defend them and be there for them.

My colleagues. Those I serve In ministry.

I think we can all be better lovers. We have a tendency to be very protective of ourselves. Those of us who have been hurt, vulnerability is a scary thing. The very thought of giving all of ourselves and it all could be taken in an instant……I know I would have a really hard time getting over it if it happened a second time.

I am not that brave and I am not that strong.

But, my dad encouraged me to let life happen. To not let it stop me from loving others, being happy, and dreaming bigger.

This month, my goal is to share on this space on ways we can love ourselves better, love others better, have deeper conversations with those in our lives in order to build stronger connections. How to love our kids, lead them to Jesus, and be there for them.

How to better share God’s love with others and allowing Him to do the work only He can do.

We just show up and love and live Him out.

Let’s be better lovers.


Happy February! Yay for the month of Love!

Tiffany Rhea

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