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It all started with a card I pulled after working out to my current fitness program.

I don't know why it resonated with me so much. Because honestly, the past year and a half I have been racked with fear at the unknown. How I was going to move on. Provide for myself and my family. Heal. Repair. Cling to faith and hope.

I will just admit it to you all now and tell you that I am one big fat mess.

But really, aren't we all.

But then, I came upon a quote that moved me quite a bit. And again, that word fearless appeared.

I was creating my vision board, searching for inspirational quotes and pictures that would help me visualize what I wanted my 2020 to look like. I am tired of the same old thing that has been happening every year. I am more than ready for a fresh new start. I had a fresh new hope, a brand new attitude, and I was ready to go.

Dare I say, I have become fearless.

I had shared on my Instagram the other day that being fearless doesn't mean that fear doesn't show up. It simply means it won't imprison us or keep us in that stronghold anymore.

We don't give it the power to keep us from living out our dreams or our purpose. Whatever you are facing, you get to decide how you react. You get to decide if you have had enough of something. You get to set the boundary. You get to make the changes. You get to say yes.

You constantly dream big for your loved ones. Especially those of us with children. Oh the dreams we dream for them.

But it is your turn. Do not apologize for dreaming big for yourself too.

Go and do that big thing on your heart. Who cares if it sounds crazy or out of your comfort zone. That is where the magic is. You should see what I am dreaming up. It makes me giddy and scared all at the same time.

I am embracing the fearless woman vibe. No matter what I am going through now, I will walk through it.

The story isn't your trauma or your heartache.

The story is about hope. It is about rising above the fear.

It is about victory. That new beginnings can happen for you. But you have to be willing to step in it and work through it. It won't simply happen by wishing for it.

Have a big heart and don't be afraid to hustle.

And for those of you who have been chatting with me about dreaming big, and going after those dreams with me, and joining me......welcome to our team name.

Team Fearless. Because YOU are a fearless woman.


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