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Emotions and My Favorite Way to Support Them.

Let’s help you out with those feelings shall we?

At the office, I have my co workers walking by quite a bit commenting on how it smells good in my office. I have one co-worker, who shall not be named, who will sometimes just stand at my door or come in my office to “chat”, but really I think it is just to smell what I put in my diffuser for the day.

Our job is kind of stressful, as we work in a field that requires a lot of paperwork and there is always an emergency for the client, even if it isn’t really an emergency. When your life is falling apart, everything is chaos. That is family law, people.

Anyway, due to the fact that I have been dealing with a bunch of emotions and stressors lately, aside from exercise and eating healthy, I have also been paying attention to the level of anxiety I may be feeling, or any major emotions coming into play, and providing myself with emotional support in the way of aromatics.

My favorite way to do this is through essential oils, and I have been an essential oils user for years. I have tried different companies and loved them, but this last year I have come to simply use one brand due to the convenience of being able to buy other items for my household. I will go into that at another time as I mostly want to share with you ways to provide yourself with emotional support by using oils.

In my office, I have a little glass diffuser sitting on my desk and each day, I choose my oil for the morning and an oil for the afternoon. It will be chosen based on how I am feeling that day. If I am feeling tired, but my to-do lists tells me I have a full plate and deadlines due, I will choose something that is energizing and motivating and stimulating. I love Citrus Fresh (found in starter kit….more on this in a second), Envision, or Abundance for this purpose.

If I am bringing a lot of my current anxiety and stress from my personal life to work, I will use oils that can provide a calming and peaceful atmosphere in my office. I love scents such as Stress Away, Lavender, Sara, White Angelica, Peace & Calming.

If people are bringing their sickness to work and I am just not having it, and since I refuse to get sick at work because I can’t afford it, you better believe, girlfriend, that I am diffusing Thieves all up in that joint.

No sickness for me. Ha!

I am sure that you have heard a lot about essential oils and their topical uses as well, but I think the easiest way for people to get started is by diffusing them in their homes. You can do your own research as to the uses of oils for our overall well being, but I think most people are just naturally skeptical about them because they seem, well, like a bunch of hocus pocus. (Quick! Name that movie!)

Here is the thing: I am a complete believer in taking personal responsibility for our own health and our own emotions. We cannot prevent every illness from coming into our homes and wreaking havoc on our health. However, we can do our part each and every day by simply making little switches, and even focusing on our emotional well being in order to promote wellness in our homes. No one likes to feel stressed, angry, tired, achy, sick, hopeless, weary all the time.

Without getting all nerdy on you, the point is, plant juice particles dispelled into the air are really, really good for you. I know that when I buy plants or flowers, or I visit some of my favorite places or bake/cook my favorite foods…...scents are truly powerful. They have this incredible way of taking our minds back to familiar spaces and trigger emotional responses or making us aware of whatever is going on deep inside us.

That is why I love using oils mostly for aromatic therapy. Add some of my favorite music and I am golden!

I am diffusing the Believe essential Oil Blend in my home diffuser right now as I write, and it is making me all sorts of happy right now. I feel like this one smells more like Christmas than the Christmas Spirit blend (Don’t @ me folks. I am entitled to my opinion.)

There is a wonderful offer happening this month with my favorite Essential Oils company, Young Living. If you enroll as a new member with a $100 order or more, you will get FREE SHIPPING. Let me tell you that shipping can be expensive, so this is worth it.

I highly recommend, if you do choose to enroll as a new member of Young Living, I would choose a starter kit. This is especially a good idea if you are new to essential oils, and the aromatic route is the one you want to start with. Truthfully, using essential oils aromatically is the easiest and most common way to use oils. As you grow and do your own research, you will discover uses that work best for you and for your family.

No. You won’t be joining a cult.

No. You don’t have to sell anything. Seriously. You don’t.

No. You don’t have to buy something every single month in order to benefit.

You can join our Essential Rewards program if you find you will be buying more oils and other household items (like cleaning products, skincare, makeup, nutrition/wellness etc). This is an optional program for members and you receive points back on your orders that you can use for free product/oils. It is pretty sweet. But again, totally optional!

Here are the biggest reasons you should get the starter kit.

It comes with 12 Essential Oils, and one of those oils costs almost $70 alone!

You get a diffuser of your choice. (I recommend the Desert Mist Diffuser. It flickers like a candle and it is lovely)

You will get to take advantage of that free shipping deal I just told you about.

You get a sample of my favorite household cleaner.

You get 2 samples of some yummy NingXia Red. (My kids think it is basically fruit juice, but it is loaded with good antioxidants and healthy stuff for them and me!)

Did I mention you get 12 oils? And that you can get it for $165? The diffuser alone costs $63.75. It is the best deal in my opinion.

You can grab your 2019 starter kit here. This is my personal link and if you are interested in learning more about how to use your oils, and discover diffuser recipes, I can add you to the lifestyle group I am a part of for education and community. I have become more confident in my essential oil usage because of this group, plus, the gals are super friendly and fun and family oriented.

I am excited for you to use your oils and hear how they are supporting your emotions, and creating beautiful and peaceful environments in your home or office. Don’t be afraid to convert your co-workers, too. I love sharing my oils with them and making our work space smell good.

In victory,


Please note: in full disclosure, any links above may be affiliate links and I may receive a small commission from any purchases made from those links. I will only promote things I personally love and use. I spent my own money on the products listed above and I did not receive compensation for my review or opinions. If you do purchase from any of my affiliate links, thank you! You doing so helps me to provide for my family and allows me to share more with you in order to serve you.

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