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Creating a Beautiful Life

I have been on a mission the last few years to create beauty and meaning in my life. I set aside many of my dreams and convictions in order to love and serve another, and while I do not regret it, it has forced me to evaluate and ponder over what it is I want in this life. We really only get one.

I have shared my hopes and dreams in this space before. So I will do my best to not make this post another diatribe of what I want.

Rather, I am becoming increasingly interested in helping others build beautiful lives for themselves. Ones they are proud of. Where grit and grace collide. The pain of hard soil and then the discovery of rich earth where what you plant blooms into what you envisioned in your head and heart.

That kind of determination to create beautiful and meaningful lives requires quite a bit from us. It is more than just writing them out in pretty journals and doodling on notepads.

It is more than just creating a pretty little vision board with your friends so you have something nice to look at in your spaces.

Creating and making space for a more beautiful life, one that YOU yourselves get to define, requires intention and work.

There is sacrifice and hardship. Victories and setbacks. It is not allowing the naysayers of today hold you back in any way simply because they cannot envision past their noses.

It is also worth noting that as human beings made in the image of our Creator, we aren’t just to make something incredible with our lives sole for our own pleasure. We were made for so much more than to just be self serving and self seeking men and women.

Creating my idea of a beautiful life means that I am creating something that will include and empower others. It isn’t just about income numbers, although, I do have an income amount in mind.

I want so badly to help others truly define what it is that they want in this life. For themselves and for those they love. I am so tired of hearing people say they hate their lives, or they wish for something better. They want purpose, meaning and fulfillment. They want a reason to wake up and do.

I want people all over the world to wake up every day, and when their feet hit the floor, they are excited for their life. They are excited because it is beautiful to them and they got to choose and decide. No one else decided for them. They did it.

The stepping out in faith and doing whatever it is our hearts are set on, that requires our effort. Yes, pray. Yes, be grateful. You can still desire more.

I want more from this life. I want to reach more people. I want more people to read this blog and to make it so popular that articles are shared beyond borders so that everyone can benefit and win.

I want to create a magical life for my kids, where they no longer have to worry about whether we will have a roof over our heads or food in the fridge or clothes on their back. Then I want them to go and create their own lives and teach them skills to be able to go out and serve others. They will not grow up to be self-serving human beings, but rather generous ones. I want them to live audaciously and outrageously. Rich in love, hope, friendships, love, faith and even in their careers.

Beautiful, meaningful lives are intentional. They are not filled with fluff and inaction. A beautiful life is evident by the way the individual chooses to live out his/her days. Don’t be fooled by the idea that if they have tons of money, then they are happy and it is good. We all know rich folks who are miserable because they are alone. Deep pockets does not equal meaningful living.

It is so much deeper than that.

I want you to envision what your beautiful, meaningful life would like. Don’t give me the answer you think I want to hear.

When you look out on the horizon, what do YOU see?


Tiffany Rhea

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