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Better Beauty News for April

I am going to pivot a little on you and share something that gets me a little excited.

I care a great deal about safer and cleaner personal care products. I have made it no secret that I am semi-hippy and that I enjoy things that are deemed "crunchy" by the rest of the world. I am okay with this label. I own it.

April is off to a fantastic start with one of my favorite personal care companies, Beautycounter.

There are quite a few things to cover so let's dive in shall we?

First, allow me to introduce to you the new regimen, Counterstart.

Most of us are okay with trying new skin care and we even go back and forth between websites trying to decide if we should click that buy button in order to give it a try. What holds us back most often is the price and maybe the commitment it might take.

Most skincare regimens and collections contain 5-6 steps for a person to commit to day and night. If you are someone who believes you are short on time, or you are just not sure you can be consistent to a skin care program with that many steps, then I think the Counterstart collection would be a great start for you. Or perhaps you have a teen in your life who is wanting to begin daily hygiene and care habits. This would be great for them as well.

Step 1: Counterstart CocoCream Cleanser breaks down makeup and impurities and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and clean without stripping away the natural oils of your face and leaving it feeling dry. (You know that feeling I am talking about. It is the worst!).

Step 2: Counterstart Cocoboost Moisturizer is lightweight and moisturizes your skin without leaving your skin feeling greasy or filmy.

And that is it! If you want, you can add a toner or a prep in between these steps, but the beauty of this system is the simplicity. Not ready to commit or you want a system that is easy to follow and an accessible price point, then this would be a great system for you.

Next Up, something special for you newbies.

Last month, we had our 10% off site wide sale. Well, unfortunately, that is all over and if you didn't take advantage of the sale then, you missed it. *waaaahh!*

However, don't fret. Because we now have something special for those of you who sign up to receive Beautycounter's newsletters from now until April 30th.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Head on over to Beautycounter and if you are a new customer, sign up to receive their updates and you will receive a 20% off discount code for your first purchase. Oh. YES. And may I please, once again, suggest the Counter+ Overnight Resurfacing Peel as one of your first purchases? Get whatever else you want, but please, grab that beauty. You will thank me!!!!!!

And last, but not least, Beautycounter has extended their free enrollment incentive for those who choose to join the incredible movement of getting safer products into the hands of people everywhere and become a Beautycounter consultant. All you have to do is purchase a Starter kit at signup, and your enrollment kit is FREE (a $98 value!). With your enrollment kit, you get the two hero products: Color Intense Lipstick and the Counter+ Overnight Resurfacing Peel (oh yes, you will get it for free and it is FULL SIZE!). Plus other goodies.

I know a lot of us are experiencing a little uncertainty with our finances and jobs right now, so maybe this season may be a good time to do a little pivot in your own life and earn income from home sharing about personal care products that are better for us, and that we are all still going to be purchasing anyway. The personal care industry isn't going anywhere and all of us are still going to be buying face wash, moisturizer, shampoo, body lotion, body wash, products for our kids, etc. So maybe, just maybe, this is an opportunity for you to pivot and try something new.

You can discover more about our mission and the movement of Beautycounter here.

There are more to come this month, so stay tuned. If you are a part of my newsletter, you will be the first to get updates as well.

Choose hope, sister friends!


FTC disclaimer: I am a Beautycounter consultant and therefore any purchases made through the links listed above, I do receive a small commission from. All reviews are my own and any products mentioned I have purchased with my own money or researched on my own. I have not been compensated for my review. Should you choose to become a consultant through my link provided above, you will be placed on my team unless you state otherwise. Beautycounter and/or any of our independent Consultants do not guarantee any level of income. Each Consultant’s success in earning Commissions will depend on his or her efforts, abilities, and circumstances.

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