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Beautiful Vancouver

I just came back from visiting one of the most incredible places in the world.

I had the opportunity to accompany my fiancé and his girls on a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia for a summit conference that he earned last year with his business.

Just. Wow.

Can I first brag on my guy for a bit? He is the hardest working human being I know. Not only that, he truly loves his clients and loves what he does and he is exceptional at it. To be invited to attend with him as his guest, meet his colleagues and friends (and hear once again about how right I was from day one about the kind of guy he is!) and watch him in action in his element. So freaking proud of him. He is the best financial advisor on this planet. Humbled and grateful that I got to come along and be on his arm. I am a lucky gal.

The company had our accommodations at lo the Fairmont Vancouver. STUNNING hotel.

We went on the zip line (the first time of all us); a float plane. We did a ton of walking around the city to sightsee. We even walked a suspension bridge. Saw the Olympic torches from the 2010 Winter Olympics In Vancouver.

On our final night, we had a celebratory dinner. We got dressed up and did not take a single photo!!!!! We looked good though. Trust. Haha!

I just remember sitting there next to him as he was engaging with his friend and fellow reps just becoming more and more proud of the work that he does for a living. He truly cares about the livelihood of his clients and that they are taken care of….they and their families. There are plenty of advisors who will do it for the money and big accounts. My fiancé is not one of them. He works hard and makes a great living, don’t get me wrong. But his heart is for his clients. I love that about him. This trip, in my opinion, was less of a vacation and more of an opportunity for me to appreciate and celebrate him. I want him to win in life so badly, and I love it when he reaches a goal, has a client that receives good news, or even a new client. It is a big deal and I am in awe of him.

Oh and the food and drinks? AMAZING. Bill even bought Sea Salt that is from Vancouver. Hahahah! It was legit! Lol!

Cheers and on to our next adventure together.

Tiffany Rhea

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