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And The Beat Goes On

Over the last year, music has become my therapy.

I have always been drawn to the power of song and what it can do for the psyche, regardless of where you may find yourself. When I am experiencing the greatest of highs, I listen to music.

When I am low in spirit, I listen to music.

I grew up singing and performing the majority of my young life. Now that I am older, performance is more of a distant memory than an active one, but I still enjoy singing and listening to music as part of my daily routine.

It is therapy for me and it has encouraged me greatly.

I went running on Sunday morning before church, and the song Hope In Front of Me by Danny Gokey came on. And literally, during one part of the song, where he sings:

You open up your eyes and up ahead There's a big sun shining Right then and there you realize You'll be alright

I looked up and there was the sun. And sheep. And gorgeous weather. And the huge surge of hope leaped in my heart and I realized that yes...I was going to be alright.

This wasn't fair. This is hard. I don't like it and I really don't want to go through it. I want it over and done with and all of my old dreams for my old life restored the way I had hoped.

But that isn't what is happening right now, but I will be alright.

So will the kids.

He will be alright too, even though it is really hard to admit it or even acknowledge it. Truthfully, I go from being angry and hating him, to being sad and broken.

But we all will be alright.

And the beat will go on. The world will still turn. We can still pursue our dreams and have hope in a future that is more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. We can find goodness and joy, even when there doesn't seem to be a lot of good around us. But there is always something to treasure.

In our limited points of view here on earth, it is hard to fathom that we can truly have joy and be happy and content when our life is so hard.

My mind goes back to the scripture where Paul, while in prison, talks of being content and possessing true joy. He was in prison, and he still preached the Gospel...the world around him still needed Jesus....even though his own circumstances were painfully and excruciatingly bleak.

The beat goes on.

If you are walking through some rough waters of your own, you will be alright. Your problems may be really big, but our God is bigger. He hears and He sees.

Rooting for you, sister friends!


P.S. I have a spotify playlist titled "You Are Worth It." with all of the songs that I have been playing over the last year. I add to the playlist all the time, but you are welcome to subscribe if you would like some tunes to be empowered with or just sing along with your girlfriends! Enjoy!

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