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A Boy and His Mama

Apparently, yesterday was #nationalsonsday and let me tell you, I have a pretty amazing young man for a son.

I don’t necessarily want this post to become political or adversarial by any means, but my heart breaks whenever I see content on the internet about boy/men and their toxic traits. I look at my sweet boy, and I know he is so flawed, but so am I.

I see a ten year old little guy who is growing up and trying to figure out who he is. I look into the face of this freckle-faced boy who not too long ago told me that he wants to be near me because he has to take care of me. He doesn’t want me to be alone.

I see a little boy who is not quite yet a man, but who is pressured regularly to make decisions and know how to behave as a man, but yet not be a “toxic” man.

I want the men in my life to be tender warriors. Their natural bent is to lead, conquer, provide, protect, fight, love their people. I know they don’t do it perfectly. I know that there are bad, cruel, evil men out there. I know that sometimes, men can behave selfishly and not always see how their actions can harm the people they love. But honestly, ladies, aren’t we the same way at times?

When I look into the eyes of my son, I see a little boy who is growing up way too fast for my heart to catch up. That one day, he will grow up and fall in love with a sweet girl and take care of her, much like he tried to take care of his mama. (To that sweet girl, I am praying for you. You will be loved as one of our own.) I am praying for this boy who right now struggles with his emotions but will one day learn that it is okay to have them.

That when the world tells him that his intensity, his ideas, his boldness, his assertiveness, his anger at injustice and unfairness is something that needs to be tempered and/or diminished, he will choose instead to God’s word and what God has to say of those things.

Nothing will make this mama heart soar higher than to see her children embrace how God created them, and trust Him with His plan for their lives. It’s a tall order for us parents to equip and encourage our children in this way.

I am so proud to be this boy’s mama. I pray everyday that people who meet him will take the extra time to get to know his heart before determining who he is based on actions, behaviors, and abilities.

Parenting boys is an adventure and is no joke. For some of you, you have sons and daughters. 🙋🏼‍♀️

Mamas, be encouraged as you care and raise your son. I also hear the messages out there regarding boys, as if all boys are potential dangers to society and to women. While we cannot possibly know what kind of men our boys will become, we can speak into their lives as God has equipped to be able to do so. You ever notice how a mama's relationship with her son is so special and unique? God designed it that way. Use that special relationship you have with your boy to pour into his heart and life as only a mama can. Daddy's are important too, and if you have a daughter, it doesn't mean your relationship with her is not as special. It is.

We are called to care for our home. To love and nurture the little ones that God brings into our homes and hearts. To teach your son to know Jesus and to really know who He is in Christ is such a precious gift. I know it isn't easy, and rest assured, that precious boy is going to make a lot of mistakes and a lot of messes along the way. By remembering God's grace given to us through our own messes and mistakes, we can then offer the same amount of grace onto our son and allow God to build and develop our son's character. He will grow, and you will be the mom who allows him the space to grow. Keep pouring the word over him, sister friend!! It does matter. (God commands us to raise them up in the way they should go for a reason!)

Praying for every mama (boy mom or girl mom) who is in this season of teaching, encouraging and loving. Pretty soon, maybe too soon, our babes will be grown.

In Him,


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