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2021 Recap-The Year of Being Bold

My word for this year was boldness. I remember thinking and feeling, as I reflected and prayed over what I wanted this year to become, that it was either now or never.

I was either going to finally go after whatever it was that I dreamed of in my heart, or I was just going to let it pass by me again. For years, I said no to my dreams. For years, I did not say what it was that I really wanted. For years, I let things slide in my marriage, in my friendships, in my goals....all because I was too afraid of what my speaking up would do. I feared the consequences and I feared the opinions of another person. It was presented to me, often, that my dreams were selfish and unrealistic and outside of the norm.

While going through a divorce, however, I decided that I was tired of playing by other peoples rules. I don’t like being controlled, and I liked to move outside of boxes anyway… now was the time to make some moves and changes and live life how I envisioned it.

Hello boldness.

Boldly stepping forward into the unknown takes a whole lot of prayer. I have not hid it from y’all that I prayed. A lot. Everyday.

It also required a lot of action on my part. Praying and then sitting there, expecting God to act on my behalf as though He were a genie is not how it works. You can do the work while you wait.

Work I did. If I had to pause for any reason, it wasn’t for long.

Here is how boldness showed up this past year:

-Speaking up about what I believe in.

-Saying no to things and opportunities that didn’t align with my goals and priorities.

-Saying Yes, even when it was scary and there were no guarantees.

-Taking a chance on love.

-Stating and going after exactly what I wanted in terms of income, career and goals.

-Stepping in to leadership opportunities for ministry, and stepping down when God was instructing me to, knowing that others more than likely won’t understand because it won’t make sense to them.

-More boldness in my writing and the telling of my story. Putting more of my words out there for people to read.

It has been an incredible year of growth and trial and error And victory. I was just telling Bill and the kids that life has been a lot of fun lately, and exciting to live for. For three years, it was just challenging, and holding on to all joy with perseverance did make me question my sanity and whether I was simply a naive woman who dreamed of a life that didn’t exist. Turns out, I just had to let life happen, keep doing and moving and trusting, and be a little more bold and stop worrying about what others were going to think. Pretty freaking amazing, if you think about it.

I have an idea of what I want 2022 to reflect. I have been tossing around a few words in my Goal planner (I use this one) and I will share soon what that word will be.

How has your year been? Not everyone chooses a word for the year, but if you could sum up 2021 and what it reflected for you, what would it be?

Now, envision your 2022. If this was a challenging year for you, then what would you like to be different? What do you hope for? Dream for? Pray for? God is not your genie, but He does hear us and cares for us!

If 2021 was a great year for you, what would you like to see next year to make it even better? That is good too!!! Do not feel bad at all if this year was one where your dreams came true and you experienced incredible accomplishments. Celebrate it. CELEBRATE!

I am so proud of each of you who choose to show up for yourselves and live your life and be totally and completely you. You matter in this life and I am rooting for you!

Tiffany Rhea

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